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We provide a bond carpet cleaning services that help you get your bond back when leaving your rental property.

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We've been helping Sunshine Coast residents clean their carpets as part of their exit clean for over 16 years.

Often carpet cleaning is left as one of the last items, if not the last, during a bond clean. Because of this there can extra pressure to ensure you don’t fail at the last step of getting your bond back.

We’ve had years of experience ensuring property managers, home owner and tenants have a smooth time when dealing with carpets during an end of lease clean.

Do you guarantee your work?

In the rare circumstance we miss something that can be cleaned we will 100% return to the premises. In most cases we are happy to speak directly to the real estate if needed to address any specific points of interest.

We can’t guarantee that you will get your bond back, because some carpet damage can’t be steam cleaned out. However, if you show us the area of concern we can put a few extra passes in that section in order to bring the carpet to its best possible state.

How long does carpet cleaning take?

It takes approximately 20 min to do a standard bedroom and up to 30 min for a larger living room space. Time can vary greatly depending on the cleanliness of the carpet and the number of focus areas that require additional cleaning.

We highly recommend having all large items of furniture out of the way before having your exit carpet clean to avoid any obvious changes in condition. Once we are out the door we highly recommend allowing 4 hours for the carpet to air and dry after the cleaning process.

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Tyson & Tina Watkins
2 reviews
★★★★★  2 years ago

Friendly, fast and very well priced. Tony is a top bloke and I am happy to have supported this small local business.

Craig Scrase
1 review
★★★★★  6 months ago

Tony is knowledgeable, practical and well prepared. Generous with advice. Great service and price.

Bond FLEa Spray
This is a protective treatment required on exit by some bond agreements & not designed to treat a flea infestation.
infestations of a specific pest
Bed Bugs
Pests shown in orange are treated within a general pest control. For an infestation issue of any of these pest please select specific pest treatment. If you only need a bond flea spray, which is a protective treatment required on exit by some bond agreements, then please select the option for bond flea spray.
infestations of a specific pest
This is a treatment to remove a specific pest from a premises.