Virus Disinfectant
& Steam Cleaning

Chemical disinfectant, Steam cleaning & Deodorizing of carpeted or fabric surfaces

Recent events have had a lot of people lose confidence in visiting some locations due to the potential spread of the Coronavirus and rightfully so. Making hygiene practices a paramount component of overcoming this problem will allow life to continue with some level of normality.

We’ve been asked by many clients about the availability of commercial grade decontamination. After some consideration we’ve contacted our suppliers and sourced some products to help.


The cleaning agent we are using is safe and found in some domestic products
like Glen 20 but in far lower concentrations.

We’d like to be transparent when providing detailed information on the active ingredients in the products we use.

Essentially the product we are using is a benzalkonium chloride based agent or also known as a Quaternary Ammonium Compound in an liquid form. This is an Infection control measure recognised by the Department of Health Australia (read more on the Department of Health website) and deemed an appropriate cleaning product by the WA Health Authority ( Read more about WA Health Covid 19 Cleaning information here ). If you have any more questions please feel free to contact us. We are 100% happy to provide any information to allow you to make a decision.

We’ve made the best effort to source the most appropriate cleaning agent
but would like to be clear this is not a decontamination of a complete area
but rather a treatment for carpets or fabric items.

Do I have to move any furniture before our treatment takes place?

In this situation, it is not fully necessary. We do recommend moving any exposed powerboards and small easily movable items off the floor.


The Cleaning Process

Chemical disinfectant applied & allowed to soak

Steam clean the area at 120°Celsius

Apply a citrus based deodorizer to the area



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